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How can I activate my website on Instagram?

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Hoteliers have now the possibility to have Instagram as a Social Marketing account.

Please take note:

    • Instagram accounts must be Business and need to be linked/ connected with the Facebook page. 

When you open Instagram to authorize it ( SETUP > HOME > SOCIAL MARKETING ACCOUNTS), you will notice that the authorized buttons will be disabled. The status will just reflect if the authorization was done or not.

  • This is now updated on the Facebook Authorization procedure.

Clear the integrated business on Facebook

Before activate Instagram account, in case you have already the integrated business on Facebook you must remove it as follows:

1 – Login in on Facebook account > Settings > Business Integrations

2 – Select Guestcentric Application CMS and remove it


STEP 2: Select Facebook and click on the "Edit" button. Move the status to Authorized and save it.

STEP 3: Please proceed as the next images

Note: the Instagram, that previously was inactive, is now automatically “Authorized”

Bear in mind:
  • Marketing> Reputation:

Instagram posts are pending due to permissions from the Facebook end. Once it’s authorized, you will be able to see Instagram posts.

How to add the special offers page on a Facebook page?

The procedure is the same when activating a Facebook page but the exception here is:

If you wish to have the Special offers tab on the Facebook page it must have a minimum of 2000 Likes.

Hoteliers can also include the Instagram link on all customers email templates.

Go to Setup - Home - Email templates - Email templates design

  • Choose the template design you want to add the Instagram icon, click Edit and under the Social media links page you will see the Instagram option.