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I received one OTA reservation, but it shows as a multiple reservation, why

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Although you can see only 1 reservation record on the channel side, if through the XML interface the channel sends this reservation associated to different rateplans, our system will display this record as a multiple reservation, so you can see in details exactly under which rateplan this reservation was booked.

This is very common for reservations, as this channel always offers the Lowest Available Rate, and sometimes this means a mix of a standard and a non refundable rate.

On our system, you will be able to see in detail for which night the non refundable rate was applied, as shown on this example:

It can also be related to the fact that the channel reservation was made to 2 different room types, and on this case we will also separate as follows:


If your PMS is currently connected to Guestcentric, these reservations will also be sent separately to the PMS. as each one has their own reservation record numbers.