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How can I configure Add-Ons restrictions?

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This feature is only available for Premium Service, and will let hoteliers choose which rooms have access to certain Add-Ons, select sell dates and/or active period.

Step 1:  Go to the REVENUE tab and, from the left navigation panel, select below the option DYNAMIC PACKAGING  > ADD-ONS.

Step 2:  Create a new Add-on clicking on "New" button or select the one you want to edit and double click on it, or select the botton "Edit".

Step 3:  Here you'll be able to edit and fill every field regarding the add-on your are selling, and also choose the restrictions you want to configure. There are three different kinds of restrictions:

Step 3.1.:  Room Type: Hoteliers can set the Add-On to be sellable only for a certain room type.



  • For all already active add-ons, all rooms on the room type field will be checked because as a standard they were available for all offers.
  • If your booking engine settings are set to “Promos Only”, when guests book the room on the promotion, the add-on will show anyway.

Step 3.2.:  Sell Date: The add-on will only be visible and buyable within the range of dates set.


Step 3.3.:  Active Period: The Add-On will only be visible and buyable if the reservation stay date includes the Add-On active period set.


Note: However, it depends if the price is set "Per night" or "Per unit"  :

  • Per Night: Only on reservations that include all days of the active period will the Add-On be shown.
  • Per Unit: If at least one day of the reservation includes a date of the Add-On active period, the add-on will be shown.