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How can I manage my reservations?

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STEP 1: First you need to go to the RESERVATIONS tab.


On the following screen you will be able to see ALL your reservations.

The ones appearing highlighted in bold are the new reservations you have received but haven't read yet.

If you wish to see only the unread reservations, you just need to select the UNREAD folder on your left navigation panel.



STEP 2: Select and open the reservation you wish to manage by double-clicking on it or by clicking OPEN button.

STEP 3: Click the relevant buttons, depending on whereas you want to CONFIRM, DUPLICATE or CANCEL RESERVATION. 



  • The reservations that previously appeared with UNREAD status are now displayed with NEW status and highlighted in bold until opened by the user.

  • When a NEW reservation is opened, the system automatically moves the specific reservation from the UNREAD folder to the ALL reservations folder, available on the left navigation panel. In case you wish, you can mark a reservation as unread, so it goes back to the UNREAD filter.

  • You can export your reservations list to an excel file, just by clicking on the EXCEL button at the top right corner of the reservation grid.

  • This way you will be able to explore and filter your reservation data according to the columns available there.


STEP 4:  In order to charge the guest credit cards, scroll down to the PAYMENT METHOD area, select the relevant credit card and click on VIEW, to see the credit card details.

The system will prompt a window so that you enter the security password previously chosen.



NOTE: On the RESERVATIONS tab you can now see the total number of reservations you currently have with NEW status.




  • The credit card security password should be granted to only authorized users.

  • Whenever you cancel or confirm a reservation, an automatic email will be sent to the guest with relevant details.

  • According to our Terms & Conditions, all reservations must be modified by You until midnight on the third day following the scheduled date of arrival for the Internet User.