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How can I check my Website Analytics?

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The hotel can review their website online performance on a Dashboard that has different panels with information details.

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STEP 1:  Click on the DASHBOARD tab.



STEP 2:  On the left navigation menu, on WEBSITE ANALYTICS you may select the following option views: 

  • Last 30 days
  • Last month



  • You may also choose a specific date on the calendar icon:



STEP 3:  Once the selection is made, the dashboard will show all available information regarding your website visits:

  • a graphic with visits per date.
  • a panel with detailed information regarding visits made.



  • Total Visits on the website;
  • Total Page Views;
  • Total Page/ visits;
  • Total of Visitors;
  • Average time on page;
  • New Visits;
  • Direct Traffic;
  • Referring Sites and;
  • Search Engines



STEP 4:  Below the graphic, the hotel can check the website visits by:

  • Most Visited Pages;
  • Traffic source overview and;
  • Website visits by Country.