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How can I check my Revenue?

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STEP 1: First you need to go to the DASHBOARD tab.



STEP 2: Below the tab, you have one box related to the Revenue of your Booking Engine.


Here you can check how is your revenue, namely the Total revenue you achieved, the Average daily rate, the percentage of bookings through the Promotions and the total of nights sold.

Also, if you have the Booking engine in different languages, it will display the one that has more visits.



STEP 3: You can also select if you want to check it in a graphic format or in text format, just by selecting the following option 


Please note that these are 30 days reports.





You can also complement this, by checking the Revenue Dashboards and/or the Revenue reports available on the Navigation tab.



On the Revenue Dashboard you can check your revenue for each Room Types. You can see the information in a current or last month view.


Please note that all the reports are presented on a 30 days analysis but you can redefine the dates by clicking on the Calendar icon and define new periods to be analysed.



On the Revenue Reports you can have more details about the bookings, the arrival dates per month and the revenue per country.