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How can I check my Revenue Dashboard?

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STEP 1:  Click on the DASHBOARD tab.

STEP 2:  On the left navigation menu, select REVENUE DASHBOARD. where you can select the following option views:

  • The Revenue Dashboard allows the hotel to review their Revenue performance by Month or Year.

By selecting the option MONTHLY, you will be able to review the following details:

Revenue - ∑ Revenue

ADR - ∑ Average Daily Rate / days with reservations

Occupancy - [ Total room nights / ( total inventory rooms * total period days ) ] * 100

RevPar - ∑ Revenue / ( total inventory rooms * total period days )

Room Nights - ∑ Room Nights

Direct - ∑ ( ∑ Internal Revenue / ∑ Revenue ) * 100


- The hotel can compare their November 2017 revenue results, with November 2016 revenue results

Which is the percentage below the total of Revenue, ARD, Occupancy, RevPar, Room Nights and Direct


- The Hotel is able to compare the amount of reservations VS it's Average Daily Room (of the Month or Year selected)

With the example above, it's the amount of reservations and ADR of November 2017, per Stay Date


- When passing the mouse on top of this graphic, the Hotel can check the amount of revenue generated per channel


Another way to see this report information is checking the Revenue Reports > Per Channel


- To check which reservations generated the revenue for a specific day, the hotel needs to double click in the line of that day

and the Reservations tab will open with the list of those reservations

- Here the hotel can compare the numbers of November 2017 VS November 2016 (which are the numbers in brackets)

Compare: Day, total of Revenue, ADR, number of Reservations, ADR (days), Nr. of Nights, Booking Pace (days)


- You can select results "Per Stay Date" or "Per Booking Date" by clicking on the relevant buttons:



  • Date range will include check-in/check-out dates within the selected period on the calendar, which means that it only includes the value for the nights inside the selected period.
  • For example, if a reservation has check-in date at 29 of November and check-ou at 5 of December, if the report is related to November it will only include the value for 2 nights.



  • The total of the reservation is considered for the final result. 


By default the option "All channels" is selected  but when clicking on it, the dropbox will show all the channels either if they are active at the time or not. You only need to have one reservation made in the channel.

The pie chart will only show the top 5 channels. If there are more than 5 channels the pie chart will show "others" (sum of the remaining channels) as a channel.  

When selecting a channel, "Website" for example, every data displaying on the board is only regarding that channel.



  • This report does not include bookings with status: CANCELLED / DELETED / INQUIRY / ACTION NEEDED .
  • You can have different views according to the selection made on the calendar: MONTHLY / YEARLY.
  • You can also export the report results to excel, by clicking on the relevant button at the top right corner of the report .