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How can I add cookies warning message?

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If you wish to show the Cookies Warning message on your website or on our booking engine, you will be able to do it by setting up the message you wish to display.


STEP 1: First you need to go to SETUP > ADMINISTRATION > POLICIES.



STEP 2: Click on EDIT so you can activate the cookies warning.


  • Bare in mind that the warning message is only pop up on the website and Booking Engine if you this is setup as "active".


STEP 3: Make sure you save all the information entered by clicking on .

STEP 4: Click on PUBLISH ALL CHANGES button.

How it will be displayed on the website/Booking Engine?

The warning message will be displayed on the website on the top right of the webpage, as it is displayed bellow:


  • When the client clicks on the button "here", it will be redirect to the webpage "Policies" (an automatic page created by the system with the information introduced in the tab "Policies").
  • If necessary, it's possible to create a Cookies Webpage with a better explanation about those, and link this page with the "Policies" so clients, when accessing the policies page, can see more information


  • The message will only be shown on the first time the User access the website / booking engine. When clicking on the link to read more informations, the page will be redirected to the "Policies" page where all cookies policies can be read.

  • The second time the User access the website the cookies message will not be displayed.

  • Everytime the User cleans Cookies and Cache from his browser the Cookies message will be shown again.