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A Faster and More Dynamic Hotel Reservations Interface

After noticing that users were predominantly using our Reservations Area, we went to see which specific operations were most commonly performed.
We noticed three main tasks:

- Get credit card numbers
- Check guest notes
- Mark reservations as read

With the redesign of our Hotel Reservations Area, all of these tasks are now much easier to perform.
These tasks are accessible without opening the reservation and it’s possible to bulk the mark as read/unread operation.

- Smarter Reservation Filters: Previously, filters were essentially limited to the menu options in the left pane. We narrowed down these menus to the most used ones so users can access those filters with a single click. We then added a series of filters that include: Campaign codes and Channels

- Real-Time Reservation Information Widgets: We decided to include a series of widgets on the left pane that not only provide information but also include calls to action to solve issues like failed PMS deliveries.

We rebuilt this area, so all operations are consistently fast!


1. Reservation Area

More information: Reservations Area