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HyperCommerce: Spread Brand

This panel shows all reservations results from the last 30 days from the 3 Meta Channels below:

• Google Meta (Free Booking Links)

• Google Ads (Commissionable)

• Other - This will include all other meta channels, summing all results.

A few important details to take in mind:

- The values are shown in the hotel currency;

- When you see a warning icon, it means that the Meta channel is not active in the hotel;

- When there are no reservations done in the last 30 days and the meta is active you will see the value “0”.

Manage Meta Channels

Clicking on the “Manage Meta channels” button, you will have the “Meta Channels” tab opened:

It is possible to activate or inactivate the listed Meta Channels

NOTE: Check our related ecard on how to handle Meta Channels HERE.