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HyperCommerce: Boost performance


Would you like to convert visitors from website and booking engine into direct bookings?

Reach Consumers Earlier in the Funnel

We believe that HyperCommerce is going to be the platform to generate revenue growth for hotels. Hotels need to consider how they can grow their business, whether it’s through getting to the right guests at the right time and also providing tailored offers that are typically more difficult and complicated to book. In order to break free from the limitations of traditional online distributors, such as OTAs and tour operators, hotels need to be in the conversation earlier in the funnel. This means that hotels need to reach consumers before they reach mass distribution channels. Using boosters is a great way to nail this down.

This e-card aims to explain what could be analyzed in the "Boost Performance" area of hypercommerce.

Transforming data into information and information in action, this area will display the summary of reservations made in the last 30 days through our direct boosters: shopping recovery and shopping activation.

Shopping Activation

Designed to trigger the guest’s attention, different messages can be set up:

- Last reservation
- Reservations on last 48 hours
- Last week stays
- Best rate guaranteed
- Availability
- Today's best offer

Why is this tool important?

54% of GuestCentric customers had at least one reservation coming in after a click on a shopping activation widget. Many bookings are indirectly influenced by this feature (with visitors seeing it but clicking elsewhere), and therefore its actual impact is even bigger.

When clicking on the "Review Shopping Activation" button, you will open a tab where it's possible to change the setup of the shopping activation.

More info: How can I activate my shopping activation?

Shopping Recovery

A message that will pop-up on the website or booking engine Helps to limit website abandonment and boost conversion.
It’s possible due to cookies that track visitor’s behaviour.

Why is this tool important?

9 out of 10 properties with the highest number of nights sold through this tool have a message in the booking engine with a special offer that is triggered after an exist intent

By selecting "Shopping Recovery," it will open a tab where it will be possible to set up the available shopping recoveries.

In this area, you can edit both Shopping Recoveries and also the Flash Message.

If you want to know more about the Flash Message Option, please check our blog here


Do you want to make best use out of the "Boost performance"?

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