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How can I activate Duetto WebCapture?

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STEP 1  :  First you need to order the ID from Duetto and send the client ID from Guestcentric to Duetto. 

STEP 2  :  Login to Guestcentric platform and go to SETUP - SOCIAL MARKETING ACCOUNTS 

STEP 3  :  Select the Duetto option and click on EDIT 

STEP 4  :  Add your ID from Duetto to the relevant field and click on AUTHORIZED 

STEP 5  :  Click on 

Your Duetto connection should now have an AUTHORIZED status. 

What will be sent to Duetto? (Technical Details)

Guestcentric will send all informations from booking engine through javascript. 

On search event when the user selects dates are send: 

- Arrival date

- Departure date

- The offers on the search results page (the room rate, room type and rate code) 

On booking event:

- Booking confirmation ID 


  • To have this tool available, please contact your account manager.