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How can I Manage Hotels Setup on Portals?

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Portals Managers are now more independent and have the possibility to manage the property description and tags from all hotels on their portals without affecting the hotels websites.


STEP 1:  First you need to login on your portal backend.


STEP 2:  Go to Setup > Manage Hotels.


STEP 3:  Select the property you wish to edit and click on the OPEN button, or double click on it.

  • You will be able to edit General description, Geo tags and Experience/Activities tags:



When first active the Portal on a new hotel, "Manage hotels" setup will not have any content but we can see, on the Portal website, the content that we have set on the hotel backend, except the content blocks. Once you edit the hotel description or tags, on "Manage hotels", the Portal will assume that content and will loose all the information from hotel backend.

STEP 4:  On this area, please manage the content on "Manage hotels", that you want to appear on the Portal:

STEP 5:  Save all the changes, by clicking on the   button.



  • Property images and amenities will be set on the hotel backend and appear on the Portal website like always.


  • When using "Manage hotels", the base language used is the Portal and not the hotel’s. On Website > Tools there are a new menu, the "Translate hotel data".
  • General description and Tags are separate from each other with the name of the correspondent hotel.
  • Gadgets will be translated on the "Translate gadgets" menu. The only difference is that the name of the hotel will appear too, to make it easier to identify which hotel it belongs to.