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How can I add a logo in the website footer?

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Step 1: You can find the Website footer in the website pages menu

> Website > Website pages > Website footer

Using the new feature is rather easy as you only need to have the logo's you would like to show on your website.

Step 2: After accessing the website footer you will see a clipboard where you are able to add the image.

The logo can be uploaded in three different sizes: Square, Horizontal or Wide.

In order to upload an image you will need to click on "Add Image" and the load image screen will pop-up.

Just follow the following steps in order to upload an image on the Website Footer:

     1. Select the size of your choice, which means that you can choose different size of images - and crop in case you need;

     2. Insert the image;

     3. Optional: Add an internal or an external link to the image, by clicking on "edit label";

Please note that the label will not be showed on the website as the label is only visible on the hotel backend.

When clicking on an image with a link you will be redirected to the internal or external link that is added on the backend. Note that the link will always be opened in a new tab.

     4. Click on save or save and close;

     5. Publish all website changes.

After the changes are published you will be able to see the new website footer on each page of the website.

The website footer will always be visible on the bottom of the web page and it will look like followed: