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How can I define and organize the menus of my website?

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In this area, hoteliers can choose the order of their menu, website links, quicklinks or footer menu, as well as choose their website homepage.


STEP 1:  First you need to go to the WEBSITE tab.


STEP 2:  Under "Your Website", select the MENU SETTINGS button - Or under "Your Facebook" or "Your Mobile" area, according to your needs:


STEP 3:  Under the "Homepage" area, you will be able to define which will be your "Website homepage" or your "Mobile homepage":


STEP 4:  In the next areas, you will be able to define your "Menu Pages and Links", "Quicklink Pages and Links" or "Footer Pages and Links", according to your needs.


STEP 5:  Open the tab ''Quicklink pages and links''

  • On the left column you will find the "Available Pages and Links".
  • In order to display those pages on the menu of your website, you need to transfer the relevant pages to the right column, the "Selected pages and links".
  • To acomplish this task, you need to select the relevant page and use the relevant arrow to transfer to the opposit column.



STEP 6:  In order to sort order your pages, you need to use the relevant arrows and move up & down the selected pages, on the right column.



STEP 7:  Make sure you save all the information entered by clicking on the  button.


STEP 8:  Under the Website tab, make sure you click on Publish Changes, so that all this information becomes available on your website.



  • If the hotel is a Premium client, and has "Edit Reservation" active, "Edit Reservation" link in the footer will be set to last;
  • Under the "Footer pages and links" area, you will also be able to choose if you would like to have the pages inserted in th footer menu or not:

We recommend to have all the active pages presented on the footer to help increasing the website positioning and SEO.

By having all pages available, you are helping your website to be easily indexed by the search engines.