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How can I clean the text format displayed on my website?

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Sometimes when using Copy & PASTE option to add content from different sources into your website, the text brings some unformatted text, different font sizes and/or types or even strange symbols that do not match your website layout.


In order to make sure the new content will not bring unformatted text again, please 

  • Or use a simple Text Formatting Tool from your computer


In order to "clean" those contents, please make sure you remove those formats by following these steps: 

STEP 1:  Go to the relevant text box that you wish to edit:


STEP 2:  Select the option Source Code option (HTML) and a new window will pop up

  • Or click in Tools > Source Code:


STEP 3:  Select the text you wish to remove/clean and using your keyboard, click on the DELETE button.


STEP 4:  After this action you just need to click on UPDATE and all the relevant text will be erased, so you can add the new contents back again.



- Clicking the "Enter" button is equal do a paragraph - in HTML

- Clicking the "Shift + Enter" buttons is equal to a line break - in HTML