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What is new on the revenue area?

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STEP 1: Now you have 2 calendars: one specific for your rates & availability and another related to your restrictions.

STEP 2: In order to make any changes, you now need to select first the relevant calendar (the specific button will become highlighted in blue) and then click on EDIT.

STEP 3: The options to change rates & availability will now be displayed on the left hand side, but you will only be able to see them after clicking on EDIT.

STEP 4: You now need to publish all the changes done on the Revenue Area. So, after performing the relevant changes and clicking on APPLY, make sure you always click on REVIEW AND PUBLISH CHANGES button at the top right corner of the calendar area.

STEP 5: This new feature will give you a chance to revise all the changes done on the revenue area, before making them available online.

STEP 6: You will get a screen with a list of all the changes done by you. You can see the results list by date or by room types.


STEP 7: In order to confirm the changes and put them online you must click on PUBLISH IT.
After this action you will get a screen with the publish process status. Please make sure you get a message saying "All changes published successfully".


STEP 8: In case you wish to revert the actions done, prior to publish them, please click on CLEAR PENDING ACTIONS and those changes will not become effective online.





Whenever there are changes done, which have not been published yet, you will get an alert icon on the relevant calendar date.

Besides this alert, you will get a warning message saying YOU HAVE UNPUBLISHED CHANGES on the top right area of the calendar and a notification message at the bottom of the screen.