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How can I refresh my browser's cache?

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If after publishing the changes under the WEBSITE tab, the new content you have uploaded to your website still does not appear, this is usually a cache problem.


Most browsers use a storage place on your computer called a cache to stash copies of pages you have visited. Then, when you want to go back to the page, the browser pulls the page from the cache rather than getting the actual page from the actual website.

The goal is to speed your internet experience, but it can cause problems. Sometimes the cache will hold an old copy of a page, or even an error message.


To force the browser to get the real page, see here the details on how you can refresh your cache for the most common browsers:


  1. For Internet Explorer
  2. For Firefox
  3. For Safari
  4. For Google Chrome



  • Select "TOOLS" from the menu bar.



  • Select the "GENERAL" tab and click on DELETE.



  • Flag the option "TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES" and click DELETE.



  • Wait until the process gets completed and click "OK"


  • Click the reload current page icon 


NOTE: You can also use another option available at your menu bar. Just select SAFETY - DELETE BROWSING HISTORY.

You can also use the shortcut keys: CTRL SHIFT DEL



  • Click on the menu bar.
  • Select "HISTORY".



  • Select "Clear History"

  • Select the time range to clear as "Everything" and under the DETAILS section, flag the option CACHE and click CLEAR NOW button. The window will close and the items you've selected will be cleared.


  • Click the reload current page icon




  • Select "History" from the menu bar


  • Click "Clear History and Website Data".

  • Select "All history".
  • Click "Clear History".


  • Click the reload current page icon




  • Select the menu bar.


  • Select  "MORE TOOLS" followed by clicking "CLEAR BROWSING DATA". 

  • Select "the beginning of time".
  • Flag the options you want to clean and click on CLEAR BROWSING DATA button.


  • Click the reload current page icon