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Until when can I cancel a booking?

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According to our Terms & Conditions, reservations must be canceled by the Hotel until midnight on the third day following the scheduled date of departure for the Internet User.


STEP 1: In order to cancel a booking you need to go to the RESERVATIONS tab and select the reservation you wish to edit.

To help you locate your reservation, please use the FILTER option. You can filter reservations by name, dates and reservation number.


STEP 2: Open the relevant reservation by double-clicking or by clicking OPEN button.




STEP 4: After this action you will be receiving the following confirmation message: 


STEP 5: Specify the reason why you're cancelling the reservation, click Cancel reservation and  you will receive the relevant cancellation confirmation.


STEP 6: Your booking status will now be CANCELED and the relevant booking will now be displayed under the Cancelled Bookings list on the left navigation menu.



  • ALWAYS make sure you update your reservations status accordingly and bearing in mind our Terms & Conditions.

  • Please remember that reservations with NEW status, were already confirmed to your guest by the time the booking was created and therefore they will be considered as CONFIRMED RESERVATIONS.