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How can I manage my inquiries with 'Action Needed' Status?

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In case you receive a reservation inquiry with status ACTION NEEDED, this means that either you dont have availability for the specified details or the client hasn't entered full details while sending you the reservation inquiry.

For you to be able to send an offer to your client, you will need to edit the missing details first.


STEP 1: First you need to go to the RESERVATIONS tab.


STEP 2: Click on INQUIRIES option available on the left navigation bar to access your reservation inquiries list.



STEP 3: Open the relevant reservation by double-clicking or by clicking OPEN button.



In this example, for instance the client didn't select any room type, so first you will need to click on EDIT, add a room type and nr of rooms you wish to suggest.



After adding the missing details, your inquiry will no longer have the status with errors and therefore you will now be able to send an offer to your client as described here.

STEP 4: Click on