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How can I upload PDF files?

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Unlike photos and images, PDF's can not be inserted directly into the Media Manager tool, on the Setup area yet.

In order to have a PDF available on your website, it must be inserted in the Website tab.

However after being inserted in the Website tab, they will become visible in the Media Manager area.



STEP 1:  First go to WEBSITE tab.


STEP 2:  Select the page you wish to include the PDF file and double click on it

  • or click OPEN button.


STEP 3:  Click on EDIT and scroll down until you find the Page Content area.


STEP 4:  Click the specific icon, highlighted below, to open PDF Manager.



STEP 5:  Click on SELECT FILES TO UPLOAD and a new window will pop up.

STEP 6:  Select the PDF file from your library to be included on the PDF Manager area.


STEP 7:  Select the file from the PDF Manager and click on INSERT.

  • The PDF link will be created automatically within the page content area.


  • You can add a PDF link to specific word/sentence displayed and also connect a PDF file to a specific image.
  • For that purpose, you just need to select the word/sentence and/or image click on the PDF icon and repeat the steps described above (from STEP 5 onwards)



STEP 8:  After adding the PDF files, click on the  button.


STEP 9:  Click on PUBLISH ALL CHANGES, so that all this information becomes available at your website, as the example below:


Currently the size file limit is up to 2.99MB for each pdf file.

  • If you try to upload a higher file size, the platform with display a warning message similar to this one.