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How can I edit my website pages?

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STEP 1: First you need to go to the WEBSITE tab.

STEP 2: Select the Website page you want to work and click on OPEN or double click over the website page.

STEP 3: In the website page view, click on EDIT.



STEP 4: Now do the changes in the website page according to your needs.


You can do changes in the Banner, Page Introduction, Contents and Sidebar content Areas, using the available options under each section.


NOTE: In case you are familiar with HTML language, you can take advantage of our HTML Editor to make any changes you desire, by clicking on the relevant button. 



A new pop up window will appear so you are able to make your changes. Make sure you click UPDATE to save them.


STEP 5: Make sure you save all the information entered by clicking on 




  • Do not forget to publish your changes, under WEBSITE tab, by clicking on PUBLISH CHANGES, so that all this information becomes available at your website.