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How can I edit Location and Maps?

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STEP 1: On the top right menu click on  SETUP and sellect LOCATION AND MAPS icon.




STEP 2: Click on EDIT button.

STEP 3: Update the required information.

location maps

  • If you want to change the date format displayed on the booking engine, you may do it by editing it in "DATE FORMAT (Booking gadget)". 
  • The field "INCLUDE GOOGLE MAPS" unables the map to be displayed in the "location page" of on a Guestcentric website.

How to change the PIN's place in the map?

  • Click in the PIN and move it to the desired placed in the map;
  • When you find the right place leave the PIN;
  • Save and Close (STEP 4)

STEP 4: Click on


STEP 5: Confirm that you wish to update the current settings, by clicking on YES.



  • For clients with a website developed by Guestcentric, make sure you republish your website, under the WEBSITE tab, to make sure these changes become visible online.
  • If you want to Add Points of Interest on you Location Map, please follow the step-by-step here: How can I insert Points of Interest on my location map?