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How can I check my performance?

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With this configuration, hoteliers can have a comparison between the last 30 days performance and the total performance achieved until then. This way, you can check how is your overall performance, visibility, sales focus and bookable offers.

STEP 1:  First you need to go to the DASHBOARD tab.

STEP 2:  Below the tab, on your right side, you can see the Key Performance Index of your Website or Booking Engine.



STEP 3:  Check the simbols to see how your hotels performance is going.

  • Depending of your results, you may have some alerts that help you understand where and how you can improve.



  • Website visibility: Online visibility of your hotel is determined by lots of factors: your website’s Google ranking, your presence in online channels or how much you promote your website with Google or social media.
  • Sales Focus: The second indicator of your e-commerce success is how sales-oriented is your website. A sales-oriented website is a good way to filter out “bad” visitors and to incent “good” visitors to book. 

  • Bookable offers: No website can be a “sales machine” if there is nothing to sell, the product is not competitive, or it is displayed in a bad light. So start by ensuring that you have an attractive display of your offers on your website. Guests are time-starved and want to take care of reservations quickly.