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STEP 1:  Please go to the RESERVATIONS tab.


STEP 2:  Open the relevant reservation by double-clicking on it, or by clicking on the OPEN button.


STEP 3:  Scroll down until the PAYMENT METHOD area and click on the VIEW button.


STEP 4:  Insert the credit card password you have defined to access the credit card full details.


  • The credit card's security code will be visible only once.

  • Please make sure you only access this information exactly and only when you are about to authorize the transaction.


STEP 5:  The 3 digit code of the credit card will be available.

  • Please enter the security code to see the credit card number (highlighted in yellow on the image below):


STEP 6:  You will now be able to check the credit card details.



  • If you try to access the credit card details once again, you will no longer be able to view the credit card security code.

  • A message will display the information regarding the user, date & time that accessed these details.



  • For all the payments done through AMEX and for all the old reservations, the credit card security code will not be available. Instead the following message will be displayed:



  • This message shown is informing you that the password in use is not correct:

  • In case you forgot your Credit Card Password, please click on "Password Hint" and an email with a hint to remember your password will be sent to the e-mail used to login. Make sure you check the spam folder/ trash.

  • Guestcentric does not hold any passwords and therefore in case you forget this password we have no way of resending it to you.
  • If you still don’t remember after the help of reminder and no one else in the hotel knows the password, then we can make a password reset, but by doing so, you will lose access to the credit cards details associated older reservations.