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What is the difference between my guests and contacts?

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  •  The CONTACTS tab is populated with all the contacts you receive all contacts made through your website via forms ( Contacts/ Phone/ Newsletter)
  • These contacts can have several types, according to the selection done on the contact form:



  •  Inside the CONTACTS tab you will see a list of the contacts you have received and each one with have the relevant contact type assigned.



  •  You can export all these contacts to an excel sheet so you can handle them according to your purposes.

         For this, you just need to click on the relevant option on the top right area


  •  You can manage your contacts just by following the steps described here.



  • On the left navigation menu, when you select sellect ALL GUESTS you will be able to access a list of all the guests that have already booked/stayed at your hotel.
  • This list can also be exported to excel as described above
  • In case you wish to consult details regarding a specific guest, please follow the steps described here .
  • You can also rate a guest just by applying the settings explained  here.