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How do I know if a reservation was delivered to my PMS correctly?

On Reservation tab, it’s now possible to see if the reservation was sent to the PMS with success or not and to Re-send it, dependently on it’s status.

A new column “Sent to PMS” was added on reservation grid and the hotelier can see if the reservation was sent to PMS with success or not.

  • There are 4 possible status:

    • Success - The reservation was successfully delivered to the PMS. 
    • Pending - During 24H, waiting period for the PMS to collect the reservation.
    • Warning - 24H have passed and the PMS did not collect the reservation.
    • Failure - The PMS had a an issue while collecting the reservation.

  • On reservation details, the “Booking details” displays new details about PMS status sending/ delivered

  • There is a new “Re-send to PMS” button, to allow the client to re-send the reservation to the PMS.
    • This button is enabled on two different places:

"Reservations - All"

"View reservations details" (open a reservation)

Note: this button is only available for Success, Warning or Failure status