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Connect GuestCentric with GA4

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Connect GuestCentric with GA4

Setup > Marketing > Google Credentials

GuestCentric application is ready to be connected with your own Google Analtycis 4. Keeping things simple for your hotel, you just need to have the measurement ID on the Google Credentials area of the Guestcentric backoffice, without having to edit the HTML code.

How to connect?

STEP 1: Collect your Measurement ID from your GA4 account More information

STEP 2: Add the Measurement ID to GuestCentric Google Credentials area

Setup > Marketing > Google Credentials > Select "Individual Tag" > Active should be selected > paste your Measurement ID

STEP 3: Republish Website

To speed up the process of embedding your measurement ID on the website or booking engine, please re-publish your website

Website > More options > "Republish website"


- We use Google Analytics standard setup and best practices according to Google Analytics 4
- This e-card aims to help our customers speed up the setup process for GTM and GA4, but this is a suggestion of a potential setup
- Our team does not configure, support, or manage GA4 and GTM accounts