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How can I set a minimum/maximum stay restriction?

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STEP 1:  First you need to go to the REVENUE.


STEP 2:  Now you have 2 calendars: one specific for your rates & availability and another related to your restrictions.

STEP 3:  Make sure you select the relevant calendar (the specific button will become highlighted in blue), select the dates and then click on EDIT.



STEP 4:  Enter your stay rules and click on REVIEW AND PUBLISH CHANGES.


STEP 5:  Revise and confirm your changes by clicking on PUBLISH IT .

STEP 6:  The calendar will now display the restrictions you have now defined .



This can be done to ALL ROOMS at the same time, or for each individual room separately, according to your selections on the left sidebar.

When adding a minimum stay restriction, it applies ONLY to the selected date.

  • For example: If a minimum stay of two nights is applied on a Saturday in order to be considered until Sunday, the restriction needs to be set also on Saturday and Sunday.