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How can I get email notifications in several email accounts?

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From the GuestCentric System, the Hotel will be able to define other email accounts to also start receiving email notifications whenever an action takes place regarding a reservation and/or a contact.

For exemple, new reservations, reservations cancellations, reservations reconfirmations, post stay email, new contact...

Please for this purpose follow the steps below:



STEP 2:  Select the email template you wish to update by double clicking on it, or click on OPEN.


STEP 3:  Click on EDIT and enter the new email accounts you wish to add, under the BCC field.



You can add several email accounts on BCC field, as long as you separate them by a semi-comma (;).


STEP 4:  Click on the  button.


The Hotel will be able to forward and redirect emails automatically from the email accounts.

By using a rule, any received e-mail messages that match conditions specified in the rule can be forwarded or redirected to another e-mail account.

For example, all e-mail messages from a sender or with a subject that you specify can be forwarded or redirected..