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What is new on the booking engine?

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GuestCentric's brand new Booking Engine aims to provide an extraordinary shopping experience for your customers.

This redesigned version of its booking engine includes a cleaner and a more attractive design, a bigger calendar and bolder images.

Best Rate Guarantee

The Best Available Rate (BAR) is also known as Best Rate Guarantee. This seal assures that your guests are quoted with the lowest available rate for each night.

For more details about this seal, please click here: What is the 'Best Available Rate' seal?

Unavailability Message

The Hotel will be able to define the message that will be displayed when there is no availability, for the selected period on the booking engine

For more details about this message, please click here: How can I change my 'Unavailability message'?

How offers are displayed

Unlocked offers include the Cancelation Policy information, Room Rates Total or Average (not including taxes and fees) and Meal Plan offers (if available and with the default one pre-selected).

  • For more details about the subjects above, please check the following e-cards:

            - How can I create my cancellation and guarantee policy?

            - How can I restrict the results shown on my booking engine?

            - How can I setup my taxes? / How can I define additional fees?

            - How can I manage meal plans?

For offers, rooms or promotion with no image there is a “Auto image” made by the offer name:

The new booking engine includes a Best Offer seal

  • It's show for the room or promotion that for the selected period holds the best price, available to book. By clicking the offer the Best offer balloon disappears


For more details about Room Types, please click here: How can I create my room types? / How can I edit my room types?

Beside each amount for the different meal plan options there is an question mark sign, clicking it will open price and policy information:

  • Rate Per Night
  • Meal Plan Price
  • Deposit/ Cancellation Policy.
  • If the property does not have meal plans this option will not be shown


For more details about Promotions, please click here: How can I create a promotion?

The “+ options” button beside each room of the promotion includes the following information:

  • Photos of the room
  • Description
  • Number of rooms selector
  • Adults/ Children per room
  • Meal plans selector
  • Rate per night

Restricted Offers

Restricted offers (rooms and promotions) are now more visible, no need to click to see what conditions are needed to book.

The “+ info” for a restricted room or promotion shows

  • Photos (if none shows the auto image ),
  • Description and
  • Offer restrictions:

The Calendar

  • The hotel logo in on th top of the calendar
  • Bigger tiles makes the calendar area more friendly and easy to read.
  • We have 2 versions of the booking engine, changes are just in the calendar area.

            - Once the visitor “falls” in one he won't see the other. This is part of what its call an A/B testing

Promotional Codes

Promotional codes textbox is right below the 2 months calendar, on the bottom left side of the booking engine.

  • When focus on, the input will uncover button “Ok”, and show the submitted promotional codes:

Header Adjustments

The booking engine has now two ways to exit, one is a close button (that returns to the website) on the top right side.

Also the currency label was relocated near languages selector

Footer Adjustments