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How can I Open/Stop Sales with Tools options?

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The Hotel is able to open/ close sales using different Tools options: Range Update, Stop Sales or Open Sales features.

  • To know how to use the Range Update tool, please click here.
  • To update rates and availability with the calendar, please click here.



STEP 1:  First you need to go to the REVENUE tab and select TOOLS on the bottom left corner of the sidebar.

  • Select OPEN SALES or STOP SALES according to your needs:


STEP 2:  Define the relevant dates that you wish to update, the week days if applicable, the Action (by default will open stop sales or open sales), the channel and the offers:

  • If the Hotel have their Promotions set with YES (to have the same Room Open/ Stop Sales):

              - The promotions will be shown selected according to the room.

click here to know how to set independent open/ stop sales between Rooms and Promotions ]


STEP 3:  After performing the relevant changes click on the OK button.

STEP 4:  This feature will give you the chance to revise all the changes, before making them available online.

  • Please make sure you review this changes and click on Publish it.

  • In case you wish to revert the actions done, prior to publish them, please click on CLEAR PENDING ACTIONS and those changes will not become effective online.

  • if you click on CANCEL, this changes will still be available to review if you click on REVIEW AND PUBLISH CHANGES button at the top right corner of the calendar area.

[ This feature that allows you to Review & Publish Changes can be found here ]