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How can I resend the reservation email?

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STEP 1: First you need to go to the RESERVATIONS tab.

On the following screen you will be able to see ALL your reservations.



STEP 2: Select the reservation you wish to resend the email to the client and click on Re-send Email button.

STEP 3: or you can also select and open the reservation and click on the Re-send Email button

STEP 4: Click the sequent buttons, depending on whereas you want to CONFIRM or CANCEL the email re-send action.




  • The email sent is accordingly with the present status of the reservation.

  1. Confirmation email:
    1. "NEW"
    2. " WITH WARNIGS "
  2. Reconfirmation email:
    1. "CONFIRM"
  1. Cancellation email:
    1. "CANCEL"