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How can I insert banners to my web pages?

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STEP 1: First you need to go to the WEBSITE tab.


STEP 2: Select the page you wish to add the banner by double-clicking or by clicking the OPEN button


STEP 3: Click EDIT button, find the BANNER section and define whether you want to use a static banner (image) or a dynamic banner (Bannergadget or Video)



STEP 4:  If you wish to use picture/s as a banner, click on to select the picture/s. In case you need additional help to insert pictures, please click here

STEP 5:  If a video banner is the chosed option, you just need to insert the link for the video and choose the available options as desired. By default, the mute will be active; however, this can be unchecked. The video must be online, since it cannot be uploaded into the system directly. You will also need to insert an image on the banner - It's a mandatory field.


1. For a banner with video you can:

  • Include promotions gadget 
  • Include a legend
  • UnMute

2. A banner with video will:

  • Be in autoplay - and it's not possible to be on play
  • Be in loop - when the video finishes it will play again

3. Control over the video:

  • Videos from Youtube will have no controls (only mute and unmute) 
  • Videos from Vimeo will have controls


  • Banner video won't work on Mobile version. Instead of the video, it will appear the image chosen on the banner section.
  • If clients doesn't have an image inserted on the banner, when saving any changes on the backend, it will appear a warning message, requesting to insert an image on the banner

STEP 6: You may also apply this banner on other pages, just click on 

A new window will open, select the pages you wish to apply this banner and move them to the right column, using the relevant arrows.



  • The picture size used for the banner depends on your website template.
  • When browsing your library in case the images appear greyed out, this means that image is too small to be used on that area.
  • Please make sure all the relevant images fit the minimum size required visible at the top of the screen.

  • For the video, the same will always be in autoplay (it's not possible to be on play) and in loop (when the video finishes it will play again).

  • Do not forget to publish your changes, under the WEBSITE tab.



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