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How can I insert an availability scroll widget?

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The Availability Scroller Widget will allow managers to enhance the sale of rooms on their Webpage, giving sales a prominent place in it 


  • This Widget is only available for Clients with a Premium Website .
  • If a non premium client is using this in the website is still going to be there, but will not have a button to insert more.

STEP 1:  First you need to go to the WEBSITE tab.

STEP 2:  Select the page you wish to add the Availability scroller widget by double-clicking

  • Or by clicking the OPEN button.

STEP3:  Click on the EDIT button, find the AREA in which you want to insert the widget and click on the "room availability gadget" button.

  • Or click on the Insert button, and select the "room availability gadget" button.

STEP 4:  When clicking on the gadget, a dropbox window will open showing all active rooms. From there, the hotelier can select the room he wants to show on the page.

STEP 5:  After inserting the widget, save all the information entered by clicking on .

STEP 6:  Do not forget to publish your changes, under WEBSITE tab, by clicking on PUBLISH CHANGES, so that all this information becomes available at your website.

How will this widget look in the Backend?

  • More than one widget can be added to the same page;
  • Rooms that are already selected to be shown on the gadget won't be shown when inserting a new widget;
  • When there's no more rooms available, the dropbox will display "No rooms" and
  • This widget is only shown on "Area containers", so it won't appear on the Sidebar.

How will this widget look on the Website?

  • The following example is only illustrative of how this widget will appear on the website.
  • This widget presentation will depend on the website template:

  • When clicking on the "Book Now" button, the guests will be redirected to the Booking Engine with the offer on the selected days;
  • When there is no availability in the selected date, or the room is fully booked, the date will appear blocked;
  • Days with restrictions will be shown but, when redirected to the Booking Engine, it will show their restrictions;
  • The total amount to pay is the sum of the daily rate, without fees and
  • If the room is not translated, the widget will not show it, in a translated page.