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How can I edit the footer menu?

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The footer menu includes the pages you have selected to be presented on the footer of your Website pages.


STEP 1: First you need to go to the WEBSITE tab.

STEP 2: Select the page you want to be edited to be shown or not on the footer menu.

STEP 3: Click on EDIT.




STEP 4: Add or remove the option according to what you want for the selected page. If you activate the option, the page will be presented on the footer. If you remove the flag the page will no longer be visible on the footer.


STEP 5: Make sure you save all the information entered by clicking on 





We recommend to have all the active pages presented on the footer to help increasing the website positioning and SEO. By having all pages available, you are helping your website to be easily indexed by the search engines.

Do not forget to publish your changes, under WEBSITE tab, by clicking on PUBLISH CHANGES, so that all this information becomes available at your website.