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How can I edit my room types?

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STEP 1: First you need to go to SETUP > HOME > ROOM TYPES and select the room type you want to change by clicking twice or once and click on Open.

STEP 2: Click on Edit in order to edit your room type according your needs. 

STEP 3: Update the fields that you want. If you need more help on how to edit the contents of your room you might find some useful information here.

  • If you wish to duplicate your room type, you may click on Duplicate button.
  • A new form will open, pre-field with a copy of the cloned room information.

           - Edit the Room name and other fields you wish.


STEP 4: Complete the operation, by clicking on 





If you have a GuestCentric Website, please do not forget to publish your changes:

  • Click on WEBSITE tab and click on PUBLISH CHANGES  button. This information will now be available and updated on your website.