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How can I edit a contact form?

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In this area it' s possible to edit the contact types that will be shown on your website page.

STEP 1: First you need to go to the WEBSITE tab.

STEP 2: Select the page where you wish to edit the Contact Form and Edit the page


STEP 3: On the “page introduction” section and select the CONTACT FORM  (it will be highlighted as blue) and click on the icon  INSERT CONTACT FORM button.



STEP 4: A modal will prompt with all available options. You will be able to activate the options you want to display.

The default contact types available are:

  • General question
  • Reservation inquiries
  • Meeting and Events information
  • Compliments/Concerns about previous hotel stay
  • Group requests
  • Career opportunities
  • Partnershhip
  • And you can also add new types by clicking on Add option.

STEP 5: By default, all options are selected and you can select only the ones you want or create new options.


  • Remember to select it if you wish to have it displayed on the Website.

STEP 6: Click on INSERT button.

STEP 7: Make sure you save all the information entered by clicking on .

STEP 8: Click on PUBLISH ALL CHANGES button.





- If you wish to be notified of all new contacts made through the website, you must add an email address on the setup  area - please click HERE to know how.

- Do not forget to publish your changes in order to have your website up to date and all this information becomes available at your website.