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How can I define specific allocation for & Expedia?

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STEP 1: For this purpose you need to go into SETUP - CHANNEL SETTINGS.

STEP 2: Select or ExpediaQuickConnect from the list and double-click on it.

STEP 3: On the next screen scroll down until you find CHANNEL ALLOCATION section.

By default is set to have the same limit of your own booking engine availabilities, but as soon as you select SET SALES LIMIT PER WEEK DAY, you will be able to define specific allocation for ALL ROOMS or PER ROOM.

This can be done for all weekdays or for specific ones, bearing in mind that this is a general setting that will apply to your whole calendar year. You cannot set this seasonally.

STEP 4: To complete the process hit 

STEP 5: Now go to REVENUE tab and make sure you PUBLISH the pending changes. Only after that your new allocation settings will be applied to & Expedia.


  • These setting are aonly applicable/valid for channel direct connections, like & Expedia.