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How can I create my room inventory?

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STEP 1:  First you need to go to SETUP > HOME > ROOM INVENTORY and click NEW in order to create your room inventory.

STEP 2:  Specify your room inventory, by entering the following information: 



  • The MAX PERSONS field, hoteliers should enter the maximum capacity allowed on the specific room type created/edited.
  • The total amount added in this field will be a combination of adults and children, according to max settings added on the relevant fields.

E.G.: If you are creating an inventory for a T2 Apartment that allows a maximum of 4 pax, it can have several combinations like:

  • 1 adult + 3 children
  • 2 adults + 2 children
  • 3 adults + 1 children
  • 4 adults


STEP 3:  Make sure you save all the information entered by clicking on the  button.



  • The first three fields (marked with a blue mark) are mandatory.
  • The definition of your room inventory is crucial to avoid overbookings, because once you set the number of rooms available, the platform won't allow you to receive any additional booking. Also, don't forget to create your room types.
  • Do not forget to publish your changes, under the WEBSITE tab, by clicking on PUBLISH CHANGES, so that all this information becomes available at your website.