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How can I check my Visibility?

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In this field of the Dashboard, hoteliers are able to check how is their hotels visibility, namely the top 3 visits by country and by source.

STEP 1:  First you need to go to the DASHBOARD tab.


STEP 2:  Below the tab, you have one box related to the Visibility of your Website or Booking Engine.


  • You can completement this search if you click on - "view more" option. This option will show a Website report where hoteliers can find more informations about the Visits of their hotels in a 30 days view.


NOTE: Bear in mind the differences between:

  • Visits: Any time a visitor reaches the website from somewhere outside of your website domain.
  • Visitors: Someone who visits the website who is tracked by the cookie placed in their browser by the HubSpot tracking code installed. Note that a single visitor can have multiple visits to your site.
  • Page Views: Everythime a page of the website is loaded by a browser.


STEP 3:  This and other reports are also available on the Navigation tab at the Website analytics and/or the Booking engine analytics.


  • Please note that all these reports are presented on a 30 days analysis but you can redefine the dates by clicking on the Calendar icon and define new periods to analyse.