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How can I check my notifications?

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STEP 1: You have 2 ways to check your notifications


STEP 2: One is on the DASHBOARD tab where you can find the Notifications' box.


By clicking on the notification issue, you will be able to see the page related to that selected notification.

(Example: If you click on Pending Reservations you will be able to see the latest reservations you received that still need to be confirmed by the hotel)



STEP 3: Another way is the footer that is present in all the platform with Notifications as title.



If you click on the " " icon, you'll have the details of the notifications.



To check each notification, you just have to click on what's next to "Take action" (Example: The Unread contacts can be seen if you click "Read contacts".






Make sure you check this NOTIFICATIONS section on a daily basis.

This will enable you to keep track of any status changes and increase your potential revenue.

If you are a Website client, under the New Contacts/Unread contacts area, you will find questions from potential clients that need to be addressed quickly so that you can captivate their interest in your property.