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How can I check my Booking Engine Analytics - Last month and last 30 days?

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The hotel can access to different reports/ analysis regarding their Booking Engine performance.


STEP 1:  Click on the DASHBOARD tab. 



STEP 2:  On the left navigation menu, select BOOKING ENGINE ANALYTICS.


The Hotel is able to check the following fields:

  • Last 30 daysbooking engine analytics from the last 30 days
  • Last monthbooking  engine analytics from the last month

Last 30 days and Last Month

  •  The Hotel is able to check visits done to the booking engine from the last 30 daysLast month and/or by choosing the date in the calendar icon:


  A Booking Engine Analytics tab will open where you can check the following:



  • Pageviews - number of pageviews in the selected period of time
  • Unique Pageviews - 
  • Average Time on Booking Engine - average time spent in the booking engine
  • Bounce Rate % - 
  • Conversion Rate % - 



  Below the graphic you will find the following  panels 



  • Top guests - it will display guests that have generated more revenue;
  • Top offers booked - the hotel most profitable room;
  • Website visits by country - top of the booking engine visits, by country.



  • This report does not include bookings with status: CANCELED / DELETED / INQUIRY / ACTION NEEDED

  • You can also export the report results to excel, by clicking on the relevant button at the top right corner of the report .

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