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How can I check my Booking Engine Analytics?

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STEP 1:  Click on the DASHBOARD tab. 


STEP 2:  On the left navigation menu, select BOOKING ENGINE ANALYTICS.

The hotel can access to different reports/ analysis regarding their Booking Engine performance regarding:

  • Last 30 daysbooking engine analytics from the last 30 days
  • Last monthbooking  engine analytics from the last month

Last 30 days and Last Month

  •  The Hotel is able to check visits done to the booking engine from the last 30 daysLast month and/or by choosing the date in the calendar icon:


  A Booking Engine Analytics tab will open where you can check the following:


  • Pageviews - number of pages viewed in the selected period of time
  • Unique Pageviews - number of singular pages viewed per client in the selected period of time
    • Example: If a client goes to the "Rooms" page on the Website, it counts as 1 unique page view. Everytime he goes back to that page, reloads it or interacts with it by making it load again, it counts as normal page views. Each client can only have 1 unique page view count per Website page, but can have several regular page views per Website page
  • Average Time on Booking Engine - average time spent in the booking engine
  • Bounce Rate % - percentage of times clients entered the booking engine and immediately left it, without interacting with it at all
  • Conversion Rate % - percentage of pageviews that originated a direct reservation


Below the graphic you will find the following  panels 

  • Top guests - it will display guests that have generated more revenue;
  • Top offers booked - the hotel most profitable room;
  • Website visits by country - top of the booking engine visits, by country.



  • This report does not include bookings with status: CANCELED / DELETED / INQUIRY / ACTION NEEDED

  • You can also export the report results to excel, by clicking on the relevant button at the top right corner of the report .

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