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How can I add pictures to the body of my webpages?

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STEP 1: First you need to go to the WEBSITE tab and select the Website page you want to work and click on OPEN or double-click over the website page.



STEP 2: In the website page view, click on EDIT.


STEP 3: Select the content area (Page Introduction or Sidebar Content) where you want to insert the picure and click on the icon to access to the Media Manager area.


STEP 4:  Browse your library and select the pictures you want to add to this specific area, by clicking on INSERT button.


STEP 5: When inserting a new image to the website body you can define the size you want, just selecting one of the options available.



In case the images appear greyed out, this means that image is too small to be used on that area.

Please make sure all the relevant images fit the minimum size required visible at the top of the screen.






  • In case you wish to crop or upload more images to the media manager please see more details here.

Do not forget to publish your changes, under the WEBSITE tab, by clicking on PUBLISH CHANGES, so that all this information becomes available at your website.