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How can I copy contents to my website pages?

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STEP 1: First you need to go to the WEBSITE tab and select the page you wish to add/update contents by double-clicking or by clicking the OPEN button.


STEP 2: Click EDIT button and go to one of the several contents areas available.


STEP 3: To add the contents you already have developed, you can either use "Paste from Word" icon  or "Paste as Plain Text" icon 


STEP 4: When using "Paste from Word" option, it will show you a box where you should copy the contents from Word and paste it to this box.

Complete the operation by clicking on INSERT and the contents will be inserted on the website page.



STEP 5: If selecting "Paste as Plain Text", when copying the text all the original formatting will be removed from the text, so there's no mix up fo styles in your website.




  • After saving the changes made to the website pages, please do not forget to PUBLISH CHANGES, under the WEBSITE tab.