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How can I activate a tag widget on my portal?

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NOTE: First you need to make sure that you have inserted tags previously to your properties (microsites).

Check here how to:

  • Add location tags

  • Add experience/activities tags


STEP 1: Login to your portal backend

STEP 2: Go to WEBSITE tab and select your Homepage from the list.

STEP 3: Click on EDIT and scroll down until you find the Content section.

STEP 4: From the options available, click on the portal tag widget, as shown here:



STEP 5: Enter the details you wish to be shown on the widget, making sure you are using the tags associated previously into your properties, like in this example (Family).



STEP 6: Click on SAVE and you will now see the widget added onto your Content section.


STEP 7: Click on to save these changes.

STEP 8: Now you need to click on PUBLISH CHANGES so all this information becomes available online.