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How to develop a custom hotel Booking Engine URL

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We have improved the ability to filter information in the hotel booking engine by creating a custom URL. The complete list of supported parameters below.

If you are a developer and need to created a fully customised booking widget for your client/hotel website, please use the parameters bellow to build a custom URL to the GuetCentric's booking gadget.

Mandatory Parameters

  • Booking engine secured URL
  • API key - You can get it by navigating to ters Setup > External Booking Engine
    API key: &apikey=someApiKey

Default Parameters

User can configure the default values for the booking engine here.

  • Check-in: today's date
  • Check-out: after tomorrow's date
  • Number of nights: 2
  • Amount (number of rooms): 1
  • Number of Adults per room: 1
  • Number of Children per room: 0

Optional Parameters

Reservation data

  • Check-in - the selection time frame start day, should be in the yyyy-mm-dd format
  • Number of nights – the number of nights
  • Amount (number of rooms)
  • Number of Adults per room
  • Number of Children per room

Booking engine display

  • Language
    langCode = [br /> bg (Bulgarian)
    ca (Catalan)
    da (Danish)
    fi (Finnish)
    fr (French)
    de (German)
    el (Greek)
    it (Italian)
    lv (Latvian)
    zh-CN (Mandarin Chinese)
    pl (Polish)
    br (Portuguese BR)
    pt (Portuguese PT)
    ro (Romanian)
    ru (Russian)
    sk (Slovak)
    es (Spanish)
    sv (Swedish)
    tr (Turkish)]

  • Preselected room/promo - you can get room/promo ID, check here
  • Promo code:
  • Preselecting promo code
  • Filter offers
    & flterOffers=[rooms, promotions, all]
  • Products (vouchers) - to open products on Booking Engine.


  • Thank-you page, is the URL of the page to be shown after the confirmation screen
  • Cancel page URL, is the URL to be shown when not completing a booking
  • Not opening mobile booking engine


  • Channel Key that is used for reporting when bookings are completed
  • Referrer

Example of use

  • URL
  • Create your link here