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Booking Engine Domain and SSL

Aiming to make our job more simple and easy going, we now have the possibility to:

  • use SSL for the website directly on the backend
  • use custom domain for the booking engine

Note: This feature is only for support users, so, Setup - Administration area is now a little bit different for support and no support users.

Support users:

Setup - Administration

Non Support users: lost the webmaster pane

Step 1:  SSL option for the website - Go to Setup - Administration - Website Settings

In order to start using SSL on the website, you need to have the template ready for this purpose by the design team and ask Operations team to do the initial setup, as you can see on the warning

Step 2: After that, just check the box, republish the website and it’s done.

New domain option for the booking engine

Typically, a Guestcentric booking engine opens with “”. This new option will give client the possibility to custom his booking engine domain url.

Following the previous option, it is necessary that Operations team does the initial setup first.

Step 1: So, the client has to choose the new domain -  Operation team has to set the new domain active  - and after this step from operations the new domain is already live. However, only after support users check the box and insert the new domain on the name field the links to the booking engine on the website will redirect to the new one.

Step 2: Republish the website