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B-Guest Integration

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The hotelier have now the possibility of send reservations to B-Guest app.


STEP 1:  First you inform GuestCentric of your intention to activate B-Guest.

  • We will activate the feature in our side.


STEP 2:  After we activate the feature it will look like the following image:

  • You will need to know the Api key and the Secret
  • In the middle, insert with separator “||” in the Channel Hotel ID field.
  • Example: Api Key||Secret

STEP 3: Now all reservations with 2 days after from today will be send to B-Guest.

  • Example of imported reservation:

STEP 4: The information you will be receiving from the App is:

  • Check-out
  • Number of reservation
  • Information about the Guest


  • If the reservation was booked before 2 days, the reservation will not be sent to the App.